About CNZ


My name is Christina Zdenek and I am a wildlife biologist who specialises in conservation biology fieldwork in remote tropical regions. My core research interests include Palm Cockatoos, bird vocalisations, and more recently Death Adders and venom/antivenom.

Some side interest research interests have included Papuan Frogmouths, Fawn-breasted Bowerbirds, Eclectus Parrots, and koala leaf nutrition/herbivory. I have also conducted venomous snake education awareness for the past eight years. My scientific and popular publications can be found here, and videos about my work are here. Feel free to get in touch here.

Download my ABC Radio National speech here, which was aired in October 2017.

My Ockham's Razor speech on ABC Radio National. 9min in duration.

My Ockham’s Razor speech on ABC Radio National. 9min in duration.


My eight years of Palm Cockatoo work with the Heinsohn lab at The Australian National University, including 25 months of fieldwork, largely involved video collection of Palm Cockatoo vocalisations and behaviour.


My formal education includes:

  • BSc. (bachelors of Science) in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at The University of California, Irvine
  • MPhil (Masters of Philosophy- like a PhD but half the time) in Conservation Biology at The Australian National University
  • PhD candidate in Australian Venomous Snakes and their Venom at The University of Queensland

My bush camp from 2009–2010 (11 months). Iron Range, Cape York, QLD, Australia.

Here I am performing venomous snake education display shows for the public. Photo by: N. Whartmann.


I (middle) am the Project Leader for The Death Adder Project.

Here I am rope-climbing trees in Peru to help with Macaw research.


Click the image above if you would like to download my current CV.